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Site Updates

Over the past couple of months at we’ve seen the popularity of the site grow at quite a significant rate. For a long time we were averaging in the region of 25-75 downloads a day, which is about 2500 or so downloads a month for about 325Gb of traffic.

Over the past month or so we’ve seen the numbers jump to about 2000 downloads a week so about 1Tb of traffic a month. If it continues to grow at this kind of rate it won’t be long until we are doing 1Tb of traffic every week.

To help manage this growth of user base, I’ve made a few changes to the site recently. I’ve enabled a few caching plugins which should help both improve the load times on pages and reduce the over all load on the server. From my initial testing it looks like this has helped significantly with no negative impact. If you notice any issues / things not working please leave a comment and let me know!

Download Mirrors

To handle the surge in bandwidth needed for, I’ve added a number of download mirrors. We now have 6 dedicated download mirrors located in:


  • UK [1Gbit Connection]
  • France [100Mbit Connection]


  • East Coast (ATL, GA) [1Gbit Connection]
  • Central (DAL, TX)  [100Mbit Connection]
  • West Coast (LA, CA) [1Gbit Connection]
  • North/West (SEA, WA) [1Gbit Connection]

This should provide more than enough coverage for the foreseeable future. Depending on usage, I may reduce the number of mirrors in the future.

Currently you are able to manually select from each mirror when you select your download, in the future I will look to setup things up so it automatically selects your closest download mirror when you download a build. I’ll post another update when i have finished implementing this.

The Future

Unfortunately nothing in life is free and adding these mirrors come to at a cost. I am often asked if i can add nightly builds of other XBMC/Media focused projects. It had been my intention to add some more projects over the Christmas period. However given the financial cost of adding the new download mirrors, that may not happen as soon as promised.

To add more projects I need to source a new build server, as my current one has little overhead. This had been budgeted for, however I hadn’t budgeted for the costs of additional mirrors.

To run the both the mirrors and the build server will cost me in the region of £130/€150/$200 per month. Which at the moment is beyond my budget for the site. I recently added some ad’s to the site to help towards the costs, but this doesn’t really make a dent in the costs.

Moving forward I will need to look at how this could be done with a lesser financial impact. Donations are one option, but not my preferred choice. Ideally I would look to sponsorship – hopefully there is a hosting company / provider that can offer something to help. If you are able to help or know of a provider that may be able to I would love to hear from you!

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