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OpenELEC-Virtual (x86_64) – r16125.tar Download

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New OpenELEC-Virtual r16125.tar Release Image

OpenELEC Virtual Image Download
OpenELEC Virtual image r16125.tar nightly build is now available for download. This build is for Virtual environments (VMware, VirtualBox, etc..).

This build image is ONLY for virtualised environments! It is for running a virtual OpenELEC appliance – do not try loading this onto physical hardware – it won’t work!!




OpenELEC Virtual Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Wed Oct 9 06:47:54 BST 2013
Build End Time: Wed Oct 9 09:49:09 BST 2013
OpenELEC Release: r16125.tar
OpenELEC GIT Version: d8940c9
Platform: Virtual
Arch: x86_64
Download Release: OpenELEC-Virtual.x86_64-devel-20131009071815-r16125.tar (108M)
Prebuilt VMDK Image: OpenELEC-Virtual.x86_64-devel-20131009071815-r16125.tar.vmdk.tar.bz2 (35K)




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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

d8940c9		Merge pull request #2685 from henkwiedig/fix-xf86-video-vmware-mibstore
8c1acb4 openssh: sshd.service: remove KillMode
732d05d systemd: tune journald.conf a bit
e929b85 xf86-video-vmware: bump to 45b2457516a9db4bd1d60fbb24a1efbe2d9dd932
b847475 xbmc: update to xbmc-12.2-9714e7e
cb963e6 projects/ATV: switch to more generic compiler optimizations
1808976 Merge branch 'master' of
323d143 Merge branch 'master' of
aab66a1 llvm: disable zlib support in hostbuild, to prevent a build error if zlib-devel is not installed on host system
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  1. Will

    Thanks for creating the VMDK file to begin with. I’m just having trouble getting it to work with VMware Workstation 10. Are there some instructions on how to configure it to work with VMWare. I simple downloaded the VMDK file and created a new VM and set the file as the only disk.

    Thanks in advance

    • admin

      I haven’t used VMware Workstation in a while, but thats pretty much the process i have used for VMware Fusion (Osx) and ESXi (bare metal hypervisor).

      What doesn’t work? Does it boot at all?

      I’ll test this build and confirm it works as expected on my end.

    • admin

      It looks like the vmdk build precess has failed for the past couple of builds. I’ll need to take a look at this later. The last build that has generated a VMDK image is:

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