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OpenELEC-Virtual (i386) – r13248

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New autogenerated OpenELEC-Virtual Release Image

Build Start Time: Sun Feb 10 16:06:17 UTC 2013
Build End Time: Sun Feb 10 16:06:17 UTC 2013
OpenELEC Release: r13248
OpenELEC GIT Version: 1bdf8ab
Platform: Virtual
Arch: i386
Download: OpenELEC-Virtual.i386-devel-20130210124020-r13248.tar.bz2 (99M)
Prebuilt VMDK: (98M)
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Git Commit History since last build

            1bdf8ab		Merge branch 'master' of
27f93ee xbmc: dont clean logfiles if debugging is enabled
7b1a13f xbmc: dont clean temp dir if debugging is enabled
a8fc6b7 xbmc: update PR2152 patch
0991e2a oscam: update to oscam-8334
53c9613 SABnzbd-Suite: update addon to 3.0.3
08aabd4 SickBeard: update to SickBeard-6cb5e76
aceb255 CouchPotatoServer: update to CouchPotatoServer-811f35b
1285bea SABnzbd: update to SABnzbd-0.7.11
dae8099 SABnzbd-Suite: add option to enable restart on resume, add sleep.d script
36f9972 busybox: add 'renice' applet
bb60e57 dstat: typo
d510db8 Merge pull request #1877 from dagwieers/package-dstat
7372cde Merge pull request #1881 from dagwieers/init-typo
314b3a7 Fix typo in script name
ff1f7cc Merge branch 'master' of
6d12955 alsa-lib: add various alsa upstream patches and fixes, thanks to anssi
9421787 linux: add patches to fix conflicting IEC958 controls, thanks to anssi
45a6eb5 Merge pull request #1880 from dagwieers/syslog-support
ab35dbe Remote syslog support from OpenELEC settings
8e4534c new package: add package 'dstat'
64615c3 htop: move to debug tools
c92622b evtest: move to debug tools
4341124 lirc: fix xbox lirc config
78ec06c busybox: dont build applet 'powertop'
0c3eab9 powertop: fix crosscompile build, cleanup
7217ea7 hddtemp: enable autoreconf, cleanup
2df1c35 new package: add package 'powertop'
24b6d4c new package: add package 'hddtemp'
19caa4e Merge pull request #1872 from dagwieers/package-cpuid
3b1ca9a new package: add package 'cpuid'
7f2c578 xbmc: add PR2152 upstream patch
27d4ab0 i2c-tools: fix install script, this fixes #1866, this fixes #1869
cf3f73f dmidecode: fix install script
09ecf7b xbmc: add PR1934 and PR2193 upstream patches
f70bb0b xbmc: update to xbmc-12.0.1
cb30d6d Merge branch 'master' of
ae8e5a2 Merge pull request #1865 from vpeter4/acpica
9eee489 acpica: crosscompile patch fix when building 64bit target on 32bit host
d72ec96 projects/RPi/xbmc: enable xbmc splash
b5eaf58 projects/*/linux: add watchdog support
2b1b614 oscam: oscam.stop: send TERM signal, not KILL
adf452c oscam: daemonize on start. thanks dag-
6f03b49 xbmc: add watchdog support
c691a33 eventlircd, add more cypress remotes, this fixes #1347
06d9027 pmtools: prevent install for ARM
ad91066 i2c-tools: cosmetics
98a19be dmidecode: prevent install for ARM
460e578 acpica: add 64bit support, prevent install for ARM
f2a987a pmtools: move to debug tools
1daaba2 acpica: move to debug tools
3490780 i2c-tools: move to debug tools
9912f06 dmidecode: move to debug tools
c5b63fe new package: add package 'i2c-tools'
0b84f52 new packages: add package 'pmtools' and 'acpica'
726a218 Merge pull request #1858 from dagwieers/package-dmidecode
12df4db new package: add package 'dmidecode'
8647083 Merge pull request #1856 from dagwieers/syslog-config
f8bbf18 Merge pull request #1855 from dagwieers/exec-daemon
8672ac5 Allow syslog.conf to be locally customized from /storage/.config/syslog.conf
6f41b37 When init starts daemons through a shell script, replace the shell altogether
fd7bef7 Merge pull request #1853 from vpeter4/linux
482eaff linux: support Opera1 DVB-S USB2.0 receiver, this fix #1734
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