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OpenELEC-Generic (i386) – r16739-gc4b76f5 Download

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New OpenELEC-Generic r16739-gc4b76f5 Release Image

OpenELEC Generic Image Download

The Generic image is a “catch-all” build containing more drivers than any other image. As of OpenELEC version 4.0, a number of of other builds are now being rolled into the Generic image. The Generic build will now be used for most devices (Fusion, Ion, Intel, Generic). If you have a device that is not covered by the other images (ATV, RPi, Virtual, etc…) or you are going to install OpenELEC onto a laptop or desktop computer this is probably the best image to use.


OpenELEC Generic Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Sun Dec 29 22:35:13 GMT 2013
Build End Time: Mon Dec 30 03:21:25 GMT 2013
OpenELEC Branch: 4.0-devel
OpenELEC Release: r16739-gc4b76f5
OpenELEC GIT Version: c4b76f5
Platform: Generic
Arch: i386
XBMC Release: Gotham Alpha 13.alpha-5824572
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Download Release: OpenELEC-Generic.i386-devel-20131229232049-r16739-gc4b76f5.tar (134M)
Download Mirrors: UK Mirror || EU/FR Mirror || US Mirror (ATL) || US Mirror (NYC) || US Mirror (LA)


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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

c4b76f5		hdparm: convert to new package format
94b6c89 remove package 'xerces-c'
684c7c6 libdaemon: move to 'devel'
978ac0c fribidi: move to 'devel'
c598d3b enca: move to 'devel'
854f1c8 remove package libIDL
b4349f9 nano: convert to new package format
67a60c8 libIDL: convert to new package format
c7f2bb4 curl: build with openssl support instead gnutls support to fix
82a709b libdaemon: convert to new package format
6a314fe fribidi: convert to new package format
c6940a4 enca: convert to new package format
887a1b7 freetype: fix symbolic link
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