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OpenELEC-Generic (i386) – r16660-g2f156ec Download

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New OpenELEC-Generic r16660-g2f156ec Release Image

OpenELEC Generic Image Download

The Generic image is a “catch-all” build containing more drivers than any other image. As of OpenELEC version 4.0, a number of of other builds are now being rolled into the Generic image. The Generic build will now be used for most devices (Fusion, Ion, Intel, Generic). If you have a device that is not covered by the other images (ATV, RPi, Virtual, etc…) or you are going to install OpenELEC onto a laptop or desktop computer this is probably the best image to use.


OpenELEC Generic Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Sun Dec 22 11:12:13 GMT 2013
Build End Time: Sun Dec 22 15:03:40 GMT 2013
OpenELEC Branch: 4.0-devel
OpenELEC Release: r16660-g2f156ec
OpenELEC GIT Version: 2f156ec
Platform: Generic
Arch: i386
XBMC Release: Gotham Alpha 13.alpha-ca8ade7
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Download Release: OpenELEC-Generic.i386-devel-20131222114951-r16660-g2f156ec.tar (134M)
Download Mirrors: UK Mirror || EU/FR Mirror || US Mirror (ATL) || US Mirror (NYC) || US Mirror (LA)


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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

2f156ec		sync unofficial
e833f96 eglibc: cleanup amlv1/3
b4e0f1f bump all addons
14ebb03 addons: sleep.d/*.power: don't rmmod -w ... deprecated in kmod and kernel
0e7c333 config/version: bump ADDON_VERSION
0f3e2d4 update license headers
b5e1892 xorg-server: update to xorg-server-
7aa7c18 libaacs: update to libaacs-0.7.0
ae306f2 linux: update to linux-3.12.6
1ebafb3 Merge branch 'master' of
440e233 eglibc: create
491ed9c tvheadend: make it simple
437b60d boblightd: make it simple
0b006d2 vdr-addon: make it simple
d8ed069 xbmc: add common addon code to profile.d
e33f0b9 Revert "new package: add package 'berryboot-tools'"
34625d8 Revert "berryboot-tools: fix permissions"
cb65061 Revert "berryboot-tools: update for fullsize splash"
87c8126 scripts/image: use 'kernel_version'
df3dfec linux: convert to new package format
8883465 xf86-video-nvidia: use 'kernel_version'
c39214e xf86-video-nvidia-legacy: use 'kernel_version'
003f3e4 lirc: cleanup
e229952 open-vm-tools: use 'kernel_version'
c7eed07 crystalhd: use 'kernel_version'
3a7e258 vboxguest: use 'kernel_version'
d9d226a tbs-linux-drivers: use 'kernel_version'
b38decb dvbhdhomerun: use 'kernel_version
6ccba6a bcm_sta: use 'kernel_version
a9f6610 RTL8192CU: use 'kernel_version
6845fc5 RTL8188EU: use 'kernel_version
6963eb7 config/functions: add function 'kernel_version'
82ed6ed scripts/unpack: move post_unpack() after patching
a71fc82 Merge branch 'master' of
19207ca gcc, gcc-core, gcc-final, gcc-initramfs: convert to new package format
5a40ed9 arm-mem: convert to new package format
70944b2 scripts/*: make development more colorfull :-)
11bbaad Merge branch 'master' of
51b1625 scripts/build: dont install development stuff to $SYSROOT_PREFIX by default
b543122 plymouth-lite: add PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET and PKG_DEPENDS_INIT
71e66ea open-iscsi: add PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET and PKG_DEPENDS_INIT
168b8c7 diskdev_cmds: add PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET and PKG_DEPENDS_INIT
cfc62d1 busybox, busybox-initramfs, busybox-hosttools: convert to new package format
fd7c9c2 eglibc: convert to new package format
233dbef plymouth-lite: convert to new package format
c4f058d zlib: convert to new package format for zlib:init
72c017f open-iscsi: convert to new package format
bc459cf v86d: convert to new package format
f44a778 toolchain: convert to new package format
b9a3207 scripts/install: add support for 'init' packages, add more support for new package format
5587ec5 scripts/build: dont create $PKG_BUILD for virtual packages
38b5e5c diskdev_cmds: convert to new package format
ff82fb7 bkeymaps: convert to new package format
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