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OpenELEC-Fusion (x86_64) – r16146.tar Download

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New OpenELEC-Fusion r16146.tar Release Image

OpenELEC AMD Fusion Image Download
OpenELEC AMD Fusion image r16146.tar nightly build is now available for download. This build is for devices containing an AMD APU processor and integrated AMD Fusion graphics.




OpenELEC AMD Fusion Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Fri Oct 11 23:47:53 BST 2013
Build End Time: Sat Oct 12 02:27:24 BST 2013
OpenELEC Release: r16146.tar
OpenELEC GIT Version: f714bf6
Platform: Fusion
Arch: x86_64
Download Release: OpenELEC-Fusion.x86_64-devel-20131012001659-r16146.tar (107M)




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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

f714bf6		lockdev: convert to new package format.
dea21ef yaml: convert to new package format.
c384730 libmad: clean up autoreconf hacks
3d5e6e8 scripts/autoreconf: prepare to clean up per-package autoreconf hacks
2dc27d4 xorg: fix configure on multi-gpu setups.
3c5ba3a systemd: fix clock rules
a4b62c0 Revert "xorg-server: fix udev rule to work with drivers as modules or statically builtin"
7345273 eventlircd: fix udev rules. no whitespace allowed here
1961b9d readline: cleanup
a79d0ce file: convert to new package format.
2a7f30f readline: convert to new package format.
19f7796 ratpoison: disable history
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