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OpenELEC-Fusion (x86_64) – r15486 Download

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New OpenELEC-Fusion r15486 Release Image

OpenELEC AMD Fusion Image Download
OpenELEC AMD Fusion image r15486 nightly build is now available for download. This build is for devices containing an AMD APU processor and integrated AMD Fusion graphics.




OpenELEC AMD Fusion Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Sun Sep 1 09:35:22 BST 2013
Build End Time: Sun Sep 1 12:26:04 BST 2013
OpenELEC Release: r15486
OpenELEC GIT Version: e94c740
Platform: Fusion
Arch: x86_64
Download Release: OpenELEC-Fusion.x86_64-devel-20130901100900-r15486.tar.bz2 (124M)




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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

e94c740		bluez: build with shared plugins, disable deprecated library
2cb90ed bluez: build and install tools on release builds too, this fixes #2533
55dbd09 ppl: update to ppl-1.1pre10, convert to new package format
b5af7dc Merge branch 'master' of
fd3a6c6 fontconfig: remove userfonts hack
2145daf xbmc: add xbmc PR3166
47ffb91 xbmc: re-added wait-for-nic-on-wakeup.patch
3c5c56c xbmc: use udevil to umount. escape mountpath
5a11115 Merge branch 'master' of
8a04139 projects/RPi/linux: enable SLUB
f75a994 bump unofficial
121b7f5 xbmc: UDevProvider: mountpoint should contain "/media/"
7c840e8 vdr-addon: bump
208f0bd vdr-plugin-dvbapi: switch to libdvbcsa
4cbf689 new package: 'libdvbcsa'
b13cc32 xbmc: fix 'remove safely' with udevil
c0b0638 xbmc: show all removable disks mounted under media
41e881c projects/RPi/linux: enable CONFIG_COMPACTION
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