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OpenELEC-Cuboxi (arm) – r17837-g599837b Download

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New OpenELEC-Cuboxi r17837-g599837b Release Image

OpenELEC Cuboxi Image Download

This build is only for SolidRun CuBox-i devices.


OpenELEC Cuboxi Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Sat Mar 1 01:00:38 GMT 2014
Build End Time: Sat Mar 1 04:14:37 GMT 2014
OpenELEC Branch: 4.0-devel
OpenELEC Release: r17837-g599837b
OpenELEC GIT Version: 599837b4ef4a6152ea3b2d5ca87a20756a257b9d
Platform: Cuboxi
Arch: arm
XBMC Release: Gotham Alpha 13.alpha-5cd779b
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Rating: -1 (from 9 votes)
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Download Release: OpenELEC-Cuboxi.arm-devel-20140301014323-r17837-g599837b.tar (94M) (md5)


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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

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Rating: -1 (from 9 votes)


  1. bb

    visible vertical tearing

  2. Martin

    HDMI-CEC still doesn’t work with this version.

    Samsung LE40A786
    RPi (HDMI-CEC works ok with same cabling)

  3. Mike

    Would be awesome to get this in .img format for us windows users that use the flash tool from solid-run. Would love to test openelec but the methods for this are too much.

    • Paul Rae

      I’m working on a script that will do this – just need to find the time to finish it.

  4. Bob Blainey

    I’ve been running this for a couple of weeks and it’s stable but it’s laggy at times traversing menus and I see the same tearing noted above. Any new builds to try ?

  5. Mike

    Any luck? Looking forward to testing :)

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