OpenELEC-ATV (i386) – r14190 Download

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New OpenELEC-ATV r14190 Release Image

OpenELEC AMD ATV Image Download
OpenELEC AMD ATV image r14190 nightly build is now available for download. This build is for devices containing an AMD APU processor and integrated AMD Fusion graphics.




OpenELEC AMD ATV Image Release Details
Build Start Time: Thu May 2 02:52:09 BST 2013
Build End Time: Thu May 2 06:29:31 BST 2013
OpenELEC Release: r14190
OpenELEC GIT Version: 8d558c1
Platform: ATV
Arch: i386
Download Release: OpenELEC-ATV.i386-devel-20130502033031-r14190.tar.bz2 (120M)




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Change Log / Git Commit History since last build

8d558c1		Merge pull request #2254 from jenkins101/contrib
787ff5f CONTRIBUTING: added initial CONTRIBUTING github page.
b938841 add
896aad6 linux: update to linux-3.8.11
c6ea2a2 projects/*/linux: disable rc6 to avoid crashes on all projects using intel GPU drivers
586075d xbmc-pvr-addons: update to xbmc-pvr-addons-frodo-d37ec1d
7dc58c2 xbmc-addon-xvdr: update to xbmc-addon-xvdr-871faab
e25a266 xbmc-addon-xvdr: update to xbmc-addon-xvdr-frodo-acd4e14
518dae3 Merge branch 'master' of
086fcc7 xf86-video-nouveau: update to xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.2
de254b2 Mesa: update to Mesa-9.1.2
f881aba libdrm: update to libdrm-2.4.44
4a6c672 bcm2835-bootloader: update to bcm2835-bootloader-4bec05a
8438d72 bcm2835-driver: update to bcm2835-driver-4bec05a
19f5190 projects/RPi/linux: add SPI device support, this fixes #2251
8dd463f syslog: no no and no. we don't need this
d2ea6b3 remove package: 'autoupdate'
f241e29 xbmc: init.d: remove autoupdate
ce51357 remove update support
f899c3f connman: update to connman-1aa44c8
fd48b33 connman: build with '--disable-neard'
eb42172 xbmc: update to xbmc-12.1.10
d94a0a4 nettle: update to nettle-2.7
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