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XBMC, OpenELEC & RetroPlayer!

RetroPlayer is a custom branch of XBMC that can play legally obtained ROMs using emulators from the amazing RetroArch project at This build combines OpenELEC and RetroPlayer in a single build. This build provides all of the standard features of XBMC and OpenELEC and also includes RetroPlayer for gaming using emulators.

What Is RetroPlayer

RetroArch is a modular multi-system game/emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable.

RetroPlayer is still in active development and as such may not be as stable as some other releases of XBMC and OpenELEC. If you come across a problem or something you think might be a bug, then make sure you post about it in the XBMC RetroPlayer sub forum.

These OpenELEC-RetroPlayer images are currently being built against the OpenELEC stable 3.2.0 code base (at time of writing, 3.2.4 has just been released). This OpenELEC code base is a few months old, however Garbear (the developer working on project) is more focused on getting support for RetroPlayer working well and then will look to integrate it with a newer version of OpenELEC.

For the moment, the RetroPlayer branch of XBMC isn’t included in the main/official XBMC branch. There is an outstanding pull request to have it included in the main XBMC releases, however its unlikely to be included until the releases after XBMC Gotham (version 13).

Where Can I Get OpenELEC-RetroPlayer Builds?

You can find the most recent OpenELEC-RetroPlayer builds here:

Where Can I Find Out More about RetroPlayer?

You can get support and find out more about RetroPlayer builds on the XBMC forum:

You can find the current XBMC RetroPlayer PR here:

How Often Will There Be OpenELEC-RetroPlayer Builds?

There is currently only one developer (GarBear) working on the XBMC RetroPlayer branch, so you may not see builds as often as some of the other projects. The buildbot that creates build images for this site, checks Gearbear’s git repo every 12 hours. If it finds changes then it builds a new release. You can follow the development in theĀ XBMC RetroPlayer sub forum.

What Platforms Can I Use OpenELEC-RetroPlayer On?

I will initially be providing build images of OpenELEC-RetroPlayer for Generic (i386, x86_64), ION (x86_64) and Fusion (x86_64). If there is sufficient demand for it then Intel builds may be added.

Can I use OpenELEC-RetroPlayer On A Raspberry Pi?

No, currently this is unsupported. However check back here soon for a potential solution for Raspberry Pi devicesā€¦.

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